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Online Reputation Management Workshop - Dealer eTraining - Stan Sher - February 15, 2012

It’s that time again.  The Greater New York Dealers Association is holding a workshop on Wednesday February 15, 2012 where I will be presenting on Online Reputation Management.  This is a hands on workshop where I will be discussing the importance of online reviews, how to get them, and how to leverage them to build value in the sales process.

I was just made aware that I have some of the most prestigious dealerships in the country coming to my workshop as well as OEM representatives.  I am honored to be a featured speaker for the Greater New York Dealers Association.  If you are a dealer in New York, you want to send your people to this class because the content is powerful and eye opening.  Let Stan Sher and Dealer eTraining help your dealership create initiatives that will enable your dealership to grow sales and service opportunities.

Please visit and to register and find out more information about this class.

As always, Dealer eTraining is available for in-store and virtual training for automotive dealers nationwide.  We are commited to helping your dealership be successful.  For more information, please visit or email

Automotive Training and Consulting - Dealer eTraining Promotion

We have been very busy here at Dealer eTraining help dealerships grow and improve their internet sales and bdc operations.  We have been growing and making progress as our dealer clients start to see an improvement in their processes.  In an effort to continue growing and bringing more solutions we are looking to expand our footprint.

For a limited time, Dealer eTraining is hosting a promotion.

Dealer eTraining is offering a free internet department, bdc department, and/or sales department analysis.  Did we just say free?  We sure did.  Any dealership that contacts Dealer eTraining will get a free strategy session.  

What does a strategy session give the dealer?  

-Your dealership will get mystery shopped by email and phone.

-Your dealership marketing initiatives will be evaluated.  This includes websites, advertising, merchandising, and social media efforts.

-Your dealerships follow up progress will be recorded and reported back to you.

-A strategy call one on one directly with Stan Sher, president of Dealer eTraining.  This is a 30 minute call where dealers and management can discuss tactics on how to move forward to grow success in the dealership.  This will be in the areas of effective lead management, CRM/ILM, digital marketing, social media, an introduction to Lead Re-Generation (a Dealer eTraining exclusive).

This is easily a $2,000 value.  We are offering it at no cost to dealers, dealer groups, independent dealerships, and vendors that want to help their dealer clients improve their processes.

Why are we doing this?  Again, we want to help dealers be successful first and foremost.  Dealer eTraining was created with the goal of creating opportunities for automotive dealerships to drive more traffic to the showrooms and ultimatley sell more cars.  After spending many years in dealerships working in various roles, we have seen what works and what does not work.  We talk to automotive dealers every week and we know what they really need.  They need guidance to move ahead and dominate their competition.  They need ideas that will help propel them to the next level.  They need training that works.

Are you ready to take the next step to being successful?  Click here, email or call (732)925-8362 

Business Practices Improvement Needed Everywhere Not Just In Automotive


As I look at my history in the automotive industry and I look at the valuable lessons that I learned for success I start to realize how many industries are failing to do the right thing.When I say “do the right thing”, I am talking about customer relations practices.  I am also talking about how businesses and employees market themselves.  These days, “word of mouth” advertising is more powerful then ever.  ”Word of mouth” today can be a review of a business or something as simple as a video on YouTube.

I have been expanding my services and the business that I conduct for many reasons.  I spent so many years working long hours in automotive retail and learning a very solid business.  It is because of my experience in the automotive industry that I have taken some valuable lessons that I feel all businesses need to apply.  I learned as an automotive sales professional that a fast response to an internet lead is a good practice.  Now when I submit a lead to an apartment management company, my request gets ignored or I get a follow up call 7 days after I made a deal on leasing a new apartment somewhere else.  It makes me realize that it is not just the automotive industry that needs help improving business practices.  The same problems are shared by real estate companies, direct marketing companies, and many other businesses.

One of my projects is working with a marketing company that is worth easily over $100 million.  They do promotions for businesses.  They have been lacking the proper digital marketing skills to defend their online reputation.  My idea was to implement what I would do for my very own name and company.  I once took a single point car dealership from being the worst to being one of the most reputable in the nation.  If I can do it with a car dealership I can do it with any company out there.

My point is that, we need to step outside of what we are so focused in and stop thinking one way.  Take the best practices that you learned and have been using.  Next, compare them to how other businesses provide a service to you.  What you will see is that no one is perfect and everyone needs training.  It does not matter what field you are in or what position you have.  If you are in the marketing to sell a product, you need to become the sharpest and the best at what you do.  If you manage a billion dollar company, you need to make sure that your reputation of the company is strong.  It does not matter what industry.

These are things that I learned in a little industry called the automotive industry.  I love this business because it has taught me how to conduct myself and what I do in many ways.