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We have been very busy here at Dealer eTraining help dealerships grow and improve their internet sales and bdc operations.  We have been growing and making progress as our dealer clients start to see an improvement in their processes.  In an effort to continue growing and bringing more solutions we are looking to expand our footprint.

For a limited time, Dealer eTraining is hosting a promotion.

Dealer eTraining is offering a free internet department, bdc department, and/or sales department analysis.  Did we just say free?  We sure did.  Any dealership that contacts Dealer eTraining will get a free strategy session.  

What does a strategy session give the dealer?  

-Your dealership will get mystery shopped by email and phone.

-Your dealership marketing initiatives will be evaluated.  This includes websites, advertising, merchandising, and social media efforts.

-Your dealerships follow up progress will be recorded and reported back to you.

-A strategy call one on one directly with Stan Sher, president of Dealer eTraining.  This is a 30 minute call where dealers and management can discuss tactics on how to move forward to grow success in the dealership.  This will be in the areas of effective lead management, CRM/ILM, digital marketing, social media, an introduction to Lead Re-Generation (a Dealer eTraining exclusive).

This is easily a $2,000 value.  We are offering it at no cost to dealers, dealer groups, independent dealerships, and vendors that want to help their dealer clients improve their processes.

Why are we doing this?  Again, we want to help dealers be successful first and foremost.  Dealer eTraining was created with the goal of creating opportunities for automotive dealerships to drive more traffic to the showrooms and ultimatley sell more cars.  After spending many years in dealerships working in various roles, we have seen what works and what does not work.  We talk to automotive dealers every week and we know what they really need.  They need guidance to move ahead and dominate their competition.  They need ideas that will help propel them to the next level.  They need training that works.

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Create The Be-Back


Picture this…you are a sales consultant working at a dealership.  You have gone through all of the steps and you are going through the negotiation process.  After all is said and done the customer decides that it is time to leave and a deal cannot be made.  It got down to the customer not being satisfied with the trade or the deal that is being offered to them.

Does this sound familiar?  It should.  This is what we deal with the most in our business if we are not making deals.  There are many reasons why customers end up not making a deal on the spot.  In some cases, sales consultants or BDC reps end up trying to get the customer to come back.  In other cases, the customer leaves and never gets contacted again.  This all depends on how the dealership is structured with process, CRM, and management styles.  

I remember as a sales person I would have a manager sit down with me just to make sure that I am pounding the phones.  I believe that this can be extreme in some cases.  A sales person needs to be dedicated and care enough about their career as well as their livelihood.  Successful sales professionals still use the telephone and innovative methods of communication to follow up.  A few months ago, I wrote an article about the number one sales person in the country for Hyundai.  The man sells 60 units per month consistently and makes twice what his sales manager makes.  He is dedicated.

Now comes the interesting aspect of this article.  How do we follow up with these customers that did not buy?  How do we create a process to ensure 100% follow all of the time?

I recently had a dealer client ask me to create some processes for different objections for why people did not buy.  After evaluating their dealership, their product, and how their staff operates I was able to create a custom process for various objections.  It adds a few more calls per day to the BDC but will create more be-backs.  My thinking is that every action needs a reaction.  If they do heavy follow up, make a lot of calls, send properly crafted emails, engage in social media follow up, you will create a big enough buzz to get these customers to come back and make that deal. 

It is all about process, process, process, process, and you guessed it PROCESS!!!  Along with process comes the training on handling these opportunities.  Along with the process and handling these opportunities comes effective communication between sales and BDC departments in order to have effective follow up.

Now let’s think about this for a second.  What do we do when we get a fresh internet lead?  We follow up with a solid phone call, email, and social media engagement process for a set amount of days, right?  If we are serious about initiating contact with the prospect, why are we not serious about getting a bigger interest out of them after we have engaged them and had a chance to build rapport face to face?  Why not create a similar type of strategy for someone who already has your attention?  Shouldn’t it be easier to sell them a vehicle at this point?

It might be a great idea for dealerships to consider having a process for handling customers that did not buy with a solid, mandatory follow up plan.  Since it is a numbers game dealers will see tremendous results and a better be-back ratio.  This can be done for customers that do not buy due to trade issues or pricing issues.  If the OEM makes positive program enhancements, it might make sense to create a process to engage those prospects that left and did not buy.  Dealers and managers need to remember that persistence pays off big dividends.  Think about it.

Stan Sher is the founder and president of Dealer eTraining, a premier automotive internet sales and digital marketing consulting company. For more information, please feel free to call 732-925-8362 or email .

Leverage Your Resources to Overcome Objections - Dealer eTraining
How many times has a customer been difficult to you on the phone? If you are an automotive professional like me, chances are that it has happened a lot. These days, we have access to numerous resources and technology that allows our dealerships to constantly stay in front of consumers. However, very few dealerships out there are leveraging these resources to engage their customers on the phone. In the modern age with our consumers being wiser than ever, car shopping lines such as “Price is the easiest part of my job” will just not cut it.

We need to be creative and think about all of the tools that we have. We have reputation management for the purpose of SEO and driving more traffic to the dealership. Did you know, however, that you can use your dealerships positive online reputation to overcome objections?
For instance, you have consumers that are weary of dealerships because they had bad experiences in dealerships before. A great rebuttal would be something like, “Here at ABC Motors we are one of the most reputable dealerships in the area. Don’t just take my word for it. Google our dealership and read the reviews for yourself.” Before you say something like this, however, make sure the information is true, because customers will visit the site.

Next, there are consumers that want to do business locally to avoid the hassle of driving far to purchase their next vehicle. These people need to be aware that the dealership is very active in supporting the local community with charities or big events. We want the consumer to understand that we will treat them as if they are a part of our family. Did you know that you can talk about your dealerships contribution to the community to overcome objections?
A great rebuttal would be something like, “Here at ABC Motors, we are a family owned dealership and we provide a lot of support to our community which you are also a part of (mention charities and/or foundations). So you can rest assure that we will take care of you on getting you the best possible deal and provide you with the level of service that you deserve.”

The subprime consumer can sometimes make the process more difficult than it is, because other dealerships are always giving them false hopes and a runaround. This makes them feel like they are wasting time and losing patience. We need to be able to slow them down and let them know that anything is possible as long as they help with cooperation. Did you know that you can make more appointments with subprime customers by using videos to prove your point?
“Mr. Jones, I understand that you do not want to come in unless you know for sure that you are approved. You are not the first customer that I have had in a similar situation. I am not here to give you false promises. I am here to let you know that we will work hard to get you approved. As a matter of fact, I have proven testimonials of customers just like you that can share how simple this process was for them. Would you like to see them?”

What is the bottom line? Your dealership has so many marketing resources that are being used to drive business. Try using them when handling difficult objections. You might discover that you’re breaking the ice with the customer and forming a strong relationship. Someone once told me, “You have to get people to like you, trust you, and believe in you”. This is the right start to do just that with your prospects.
Stan Sher is the founder of Dealer eTraining. If you have any questions about this article or would like help creating strong rebuttals utilizing your resources please feel free to call 732-925-8362 or email .

What people say about Dealer eTraining

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Does your dealer have a complaint on the

Are you monitoring the site to be sure your not listed?
How do you treat your customers?
How did you treat your previous employees?

These are questions that need to be considered when we search for our dealership in Google to monitor our placement. The reason for this is that there are many dealerships that have given previous customers as well as previous employees a very negative experience. These dealerships have rip-off reports filed on  These accusations or statements are easily found on the search engine when you Google the dealership name and are sometimes seen on the first page. As the internet evolves even further, dealership reputation management is becoming more important. There are websites that offer a lot of insight which can be both healthy and/or harmful to your dealership’s reputation. is a website that was created to help consumers to take negative shots at businesses which accordingly did not practice proper business methods when handling these customers. In addition, there are negative reports by some previous employees of some of the companies that can be found on there as well. The problem with this website is that anyone can access it without disclosing their information making it impossible to find out who was responsible for slandering your dealership. This makes it difficult for dealerships to try to make things right with the customer. It has been said in the past that this website was created by an individual that generally despises major businesses. Another problem is that dealerships are not realizing that this website is round and are completely ignoring the damaging effects that the website has on their reputation.

I first found about when my best friend who owns a marketing company showed me three negative reviews that were put up against his business. He took it very lightly and did not care much since he has a lot of loyal employees and he solicits the internet heavily to get people to come work for him.  I later started looking for a new job at one of the most successful Honda dealerships in the country only to find over fifteen rip off reports which come in the goggle search.  This got me curious so I started looking at other dealerships and found some of them on this site. To protect the integrity of these businesses, I will choose not to name any of them in this article.

So how do we handle this problem? We need to start thinking from two perspectives. As a dealership we must tighten up the ways in which we do business.  Consider what you would do to keep strong CSI scores and use those practices in all transactions from sales to service to parts. In other words, do not let your guard down and treat all customers with the respect that they command. We must also start to think like a consumer. This means that we should consider how we ourselves would handle a negative situation if we were a customer. Use these thoughts to fix any problems that you may have had with a customer and to avoid any future problems.

As a consumer, I know that when I search for a dealership I will look at all of the resources that I can find so I learn if I am comfortable doing business there. When I see one these reports I start to look for others and as I find that this dealership has over ten reports filed against them I am very likely to consider my alternatives and go somewhere else to purchase my car or get servicing done to my vehicle.

What does it cost the dealership?

Well it loses business, gross profit, credibility, and causes negative “word of mouth” advertising. I heard of many dealerships that have this problem but no one ever seems to care and ignores it.

How do dealers control this?

Well we monitor our dealer site on a daily basis for starters. Next, we look at how we do business with people and change our practices. We sharpen up our people skills and treat customers right. We do the right things by customers and do not play games with them by lying to them with low ball offers or mistreat them in the business office.  We service them and always ask for the best ratings. Also, when someone quits our dealership we end the relationship on a positive note and make sure they get paid what is owed to them. It might take time and investment of some money. However, the last thing you want is to have negative comments about your dealership when you are trying to bring as many visitors as you can to your web site.

Now, there will be times when you cannot satisfy a customer and you might catch a bad report. This is why the allows you to do a rebuttal and solve a problem to keep your profile on as low as possible. Keep a high profile of positive things about your dealership while keeping a low profile of the negative things and watch your business grow. An example of a website that will help uphold positive reputation management is

By Stan Sher
Founder/President - Dealer eTraining

Stan Sher is the president of Dealer eTraining, an automotive internet, business development, and digital marketing consulting firm.  Stan has managed of some of the top automotive sales and business development teams in the nation.  He continues to work with dealers nationally to help them reach new heights.

Three Strong Practices to Increase Dealership Presence and Profitability by Stan Sher (May 2009)

Three Strong Practices to Increase Dealership Presence and Profitability by Stan Sher (May 2009)

By Stan Sher
Founder/President - Dealer eTraining

Stan Sher is the president of Dealer eTraining, an automotive internet, business development, and digital marketing consulting firm.  Stan has managed of some of the top automotive sales and business development teams in the nation.  He continues to work with dealers nationally to help them reach new heights.

The Power of Creativity - Stan Sher - Dealer eTraining
The Power of Creativity                                   Stan Sher

PowerAnyone that  has ever worked in a dealership as a sales consultant all the way up to a management position can share many experiences of dealing with the difficult issue of having downtime in the showroom.  This is a sore subject for many people because they are affected negatively: They are not selling cars which mean that they are not making money.

I have heard stories in the past  of how these issues were handled and today 
the same stands true.  We can blame our government, the Internet, the pay plan, 
the customer, the product, the dealer, and lots of others.  There are many changes 
that society has begun to face both from the consumer and retailer points of view.
What are the changes and how do we deal with them?

Some will say the consumer has changed and lost loyalty when shopping for a product.  In other cases, some will 
say that the consumer did not change at all and it is the Internet that changes how we sell cars because we instantly 
think it is alright to give away a car.  In any event there is no wrong or right assumption because depending on our 
marketing, selling, social networking ability and reputation in the marketplace we can still remain strong and sell.  The 
times are tough with the economy is in a recession which means that there must be a change in process and an update 
of skills that were once taught.  The truth of the matter is that there is no reason to give away cars at a loss of profit just 
because the customer will shop five stores.  
The key is to build value and make yourself stand apart from the 
competition.  I have worked with and met people who sit around the showroom playing games and goofing off 
throughout the slow days.  I also have a friend in the business who sells Land Rover in this economy and is still on track 
to make over $100,000 this year.  As the day goes by and the showroom is empty it makes sense to sit down and 
strategize new ways to get creative.  After all it is creativity that sells cars and it is creativity that builds gross.  
The most 
successful people in the automotive industry are also the most creative people.

    As I read articles about best practices from my fellow peers that are consultants I am reminded that we got to
    the level that we are at because we have always thought outside the box.  I was Internet director at a dealership 
    that had a perfect location and a very stingy general manager who would not allow me to have more than 520 
    leads per month.  He set crazy expectations of selling 100 units per month off of the Internet.  When I got to the 
    dealership they were doing 25 units per month on the Internet.  It was not long until I tweaked the process and 
    trained the staff where they would get creative.  It was a matter of one month where the department did over 60 
    cars with an increase of $500 per copy in gross.  As a matter of fact that month I had a 17% closing ratio.  Sadly,
    was never able to get past 70 units per month no matter how creative I would get because Internet spending
    was at a minimum and back then I did not think to use social networking to drive business.  If I was there today I 
    would have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

        There are so many ways to keep busy and build business that excuses should be rejected.  I know an internet sales 
        manager that made a video with his son helping him advertise himself.  This man still sells over 20 cars per month and 
        they are domestic brands just like the ones that similar dealers are shutting down.  I know a Nissan dealership in Florida 
        that has a sales consultant working specializing in sign language for people that cannot speak.  The same dealership 
        also creates videos of special events that take place so that the public is aware that the dealership is not just there to 
        make money but also to have fun.  There are companies out there that are filming small videos of their customer’s 
        positive testimonials.  There are many progressive dealers out there thatwho are starting to utilize social networking 
        sites to build relationships with friends and consumers as a way of keeping their name out there and lowering cost per 

        By Stan Sher
        Founder/President - Dealer eTraining

        Stan Sher is the president of Dealer eTraining, an automotive internet, business development, and digital marketing consulting firm.  Stan has managed of some of the top automotive sales and business development teams in the nation.  He continues to work with dealers nationally to help them reach new heights.

        Dealers Want The Best For The Internet/BDC
        Strategic Internet - Dealer eTraining - Stan Sher

        There are two typical scenarios used for an a dealership’s internet department. A department where appointment setters work to set up appointments for the sales floor and a department where sales professionals make their own appointments and sell the car. Many professionals in the industry often have an opinion as to why one way works better than the other. The problem that is not realized is that there are some things that are not being taught properly to the people working in these department .

        A BDC that is set up as a call center where Reps answer leads and phone ups to generate 
        appointments is becoming a more typical approach to maintaining an internet department. 
        The benefit of it is that in a high volume store your goal is to generate as many appointments 
        as possible. The more appointments that come in the more cars the store will sell. This is 
        great. However, most customers feel that they have built a relationship with the rep on the 
        phone and want to deal only with that person when they come in to buy the car (this happens 
        if the job was done correctly.) The customer is passed on to a sales consultant who does not 
        know how to handle them, who will play dumb, and will do everything that should not be done 
        with an internet customer who may be savvy.

        People do not like being passed around from person to person. If they are worked diligently on the phone and 
        great personality was put into it, the same person should complete the transaction. Also, the call center situation costs 
        the dealer more money. The dealer has to pay a base salary, which can add up to a lot of money on a weekly basis 
        when looking at how many reps are on staff. Also, a commission for the customer to show up and a commission if they 
        buy the car are set up. Then, to make things exciting, a bonus might come up to motivate staff to make more 
        appointments.  This does not include paying a sales consultant whose main job is to show the vehicle, write the deal 
        and deliver the car.

        I found in my job as a BDC Manager that we were wasting over $35k per year on an appointment setter.

          Why not have the right people handle it on commission and make the dealership more money?  If the store
          does around 150 units per month with 12 sales people, take three and train them in internet sales. Pay them
          $200 plus commission and bonus just like the floor sales people and watch how results will stay the same or
          add up. Less overhead and more profits is what the dealer will see. If I had to sell cars I would go back as an 
          internet rep. I made as much as $13k in a month selling this way.

              In a typical BDC department, the appointment setter has no care for product knowledge which means that they will 
              always mislead the customer and give wrong answers.  They are taught to get the customer in and that is all.  These 
              are all problems that are avoided when a true sales professional can handle it all at once.The problem with sales people handling internet leads is that as an internet sales consultant sells 20 or more units 
              per month consistently, the sales floor suffers because more and more people come in from shopping on the 
              internet. This creates friction between internet sales reps and floor sales reps.  By having an open mind, this tells me 
              that there should be 
              more internet reps then floor reps. Respectively, if we know that over 80% of customers go 
              online before they buy a car, why not have 80% of your staff versed and following up with them instead of sitting 
              around waiting for an up?  Keep four or five reps on the floor and keep five on the internet. Now, when floor traffic 
              has overflow, an internet rep can come in and help take and UP.

                  I see consultants teach and preach their ways of running a department and their method of selling cars. Well 
                  here is an open mind.  Teach your sales people, your managers, your finance department and your GM the internet 
                  process and how an internet deal works as well as how the customer thinks. It builds team work, less friction and 
                  everyone works with each other. No discrimination. I am passionate about internet sales; it is a craft to me which I 
                  believe people handle lightly. As a newer generation of sales people join the industry, these things need to be 
                  taught. Anyone who walks in the door was on the internet, so stop playing games and be prepared for properly 
                  handling objections. Always take a shot at making gross when you can, but when you cannot, just make a deal. The 
                  way things are these days, we will do anything to sell a car. So play it smart.

                      On the other hand, if you are going to utilize appointment setters, at least give them more training aside from 
                      reading a script. Give them knowledge training and get them excited about their job.  A BDC with appointment 
                      setters is set up to help floor sales people sell cars.  Not handling every angle properly causes problems during the 
                      road to the sale.  When everything is handled properly, customers will be happier and grosses will be higher.  We 
                      know that the happiest customers are usually the ones that left the dealership paying more for the car.  For that to 
                      happen more often means that we need to be professional and presentable. If you have no knowledge on the 
                      phone, then the customer has more reason to buy the car because of price.  However, the price objection can not 
                      be overcome when the right process is not being used.

                          By Stan Sher
                          Founder/President - Dealer eTraining

                              Stan Sher is the president of Dealer eTraining, an automotive internet, business development, and digital marketing consulting firm.  Stan has managed of some of the top automotive sales and business development teams in the nation.  He continues to work with dealers nationally to help them reach new heights.

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